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  • How do I place an order?
    To place an order, first create an account and become a member. The ability to check out as a guest is available, but becoming a member and subscribing to our infrequent emails informs you of new menu items and reminds you when ordering closes. Next, begin to customize your items and add them to your cart. You must pick a time and select "done". Check out is easy with a credit card or chose the cash option and pay with cash, ApplePay, Venmo or square at the shop. Pick up is after 4 pm on Mondays. Delivery is not exactly an option, but we have two pick up locations if our kitchen is too far for you. Call us for more information 757-410-3008
  • How do I address my specific dietary needs?
    To address dietary need such as no dairy simply add it into the comment box for that specific meal. Many meals can be adjusted to fit most dietary needs. Call us if you have additional questions.
  • What if I need to cancel my order?
    We understand emergencies happen. You can cancel your order with a phone call.
  • Is delivery available?
    We are working on expanding our delivery availability. As of now we have "delivery meet points". We will schedule to meet you at any one of the predetermined points within a specified time frame for a $5 fee. Call us for locations and times.
  • How many days of food can I order?
    Our favorite hashtag is #purposefullyfresh. We will hand craft you 4 days of meals at a time, They do last longer if your mealplan is inturrupted, but we recommend eating them within 4-5 days of receipt. We prepare meals on MONDAYS, giving you fresh food for Tuesday through Friday. If you need meals for the weekend simply call us, as that feature has not yet been written into this website by the computer geniuses!
  • What if I have a food allergy?
    If your allergy is mild, we may be able to address avoiding the use of that ingredient in certain meals. Call us for more info. However, if your allergy is severe, like a nut allergy-and we are all nuts here at Almighty Meals- unfortunatly for nut allergy sufferers, nuts are in many of our meals and bakery specialties. So, saftey first and sorry we are not able to accomodate for severe allergies.
  • Can I recycle the packaging?
    YES! Recycle away! The boxes we use are partially made of recycled materials already, and the plastic dressing cups are fully recyclable!
  • How do I heat my meals?
    Always open your box before heating, and remove the sticker. We will occasionally add nuts or other separated condiments or garnishes in a small plastic container that needs to be removed before heating. Also, some of our fauxghetti dishes may have an absorbant paper substance in the side of the box to control moisture, and should be removed prior to heating. We suggest heating in one minute intervals, up to 4 minutes. When the center of the box is warm/hot, it should be ready!
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